Fabulous Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

For those of you who don’t know me, breakfast is my forte. I am the queen of this castle. I am the early-riser, the coffee-maker, the bacon-sizzler, the egg-fryer, the pancake-perfecter, the syrup-drizzlin’, fruit-choppin’, table-settin’ queen… Read More

Strawberry Crumb Bars

I know what you’re thinking…cut it out with the thick buttery mouthwateringly irresistable strawberry desserts lady, you’re gonna ruin my diet! My point exactly, with summer coming up fast and diets on the rise, men and… Read More

The Pie Crust

If you are anything like me, finding the perfect pie crust sucks. Bad crusts have been made and…eaten. Too crunchy, too soft, too much butter, not enough butter, soggy, saggy, way too much, way too little,… Read More

Beautifully Bountiful Blueberry Muffins

Creating the perfect blueberry muffin: not dry, not soggy, plump and fluffy, with crunch and sweetness, the taste of fresh berries, with the perfect rounded muffin top (yes I was actually trying to get one). These… Read More

Shrimp Scampi Linguine

From Saveur Magazine March 2007, cooked by Lindsay M. So, very few times can I find a recipe that turns out true to its claim, that looks as inviting or tastes as it should. I love… Read More