About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsay. I was born, raised…and returned to my home town of Arroyo Grande, California. I consider myself a nice blend of my grandmothers, Lucille and Ethel. Yes, like I Love Lucy. Ethel was strong, practical, thrifty and brilliant; she was the embodiment of kindness and love. Lucille was accomplished, charitable, she had breathtaking confidence and a joyful heart; she was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart. Both were geniuses of the 1950’s, and I can only hope to carry on their legacies.

I have a passion for local, creative, delicious immersion and I want to create a hub of inspiration for others like me. Returned to my roots, after a quick 11 year hiatus (Idaho, Germany, and Nevada) to support my husbands career and start a family; Logan 10 and Olivia 5. In support of my support, I now have a free, live-in IT Tech, available 24 hours a day (i.e. my studly husband Michael, Systems Engineer). Living around the world puts life into perspective, moving into a farmhouse built in 1905 makes you brave, cooking in a 9ft by 7ft kitchen makes you inventive. The Central Coast is built on agriculture, adorned with viticulture, nestled in the middle of California’s stunning beaches. Local produce surrounds us making farm-to-table a local way of life.

I love writing, baking, and project-making (like the gingerbread man). I am a thrift store lover so I reuse, refurbishing, renew, and redecorate as much as I can find. I learn as I go, so humility and failure have become the norm…humor will be required. Sometimes I kill it, and sometimes it kills me. Chefs, cooks, bakers, builders, and designers make a lot of mistakes before their creme de la creme. So this is me, asking you, creative entrepreneurs, artists, writers, bloggers, bakers, designers, cooks…to join me in my quest to bring real back to the kitchen, to bring “local” back to our tables, and to bring ingenuity back into our homes. I encourage you to try new things, make beautiful things, and eat delectable things. My passion is creativity and resourcefulness. My love is family, music, and food; and optimism drives my fear away–hence this blog.

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”
– Jack Canfield